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eid al fitr 2017

The literal meaning of Eid is the festive celebration of breaking fast. It is actually a holy festival celebrated to cherish the spirit of Ramzan. This event is just a congregation held for the first three days of Shaban. eid al fitr 2017

Shabaan is the tenth month in the Muslim calendar that comes following Ramzan. The Muslim Hijri calendar is targeted on the movement of the moon. So in the sight of the first moon after Ramzan is the starting of Eid 2017. At the end of a month of fasting in pursuit of religious devotion, Eid-al-Fitr comes as a treat. Muslims do not fast on Eid.

Why we celebrate Eid-al-Fitr?

Ramadan is the holy month associated with purification of soul and getting as near the Lord as possible. During this time, Muslims pray to Allah and read chapters from the Holy Quran to improve their knowledge and faith in the Creator of Mankind. From sunrise to sunset, Muslims do not eat or drink any food items. The time scale of fasting refrains us from consuming any food items, foul language, sexual intimacy and evil deeds.  

Muslims read Quran regularly daily and complete it on the past day of Ramadan. This whole journey of prayer and knowledge resembles a mini boot camp in which the Muslims seek training each year. The training with high rigor and zeal acts as a shield to protect them from committing any sins. Fasting makes us feel sympathetic towards those without many resources to enjoy the luxuries of life.

We arrive at feel their hunger and thirst, and the beautiful spirit of empathy grows such as a seed in our hearts. By fasting, we be more sympathetic to those who find themselves less fortunate. It brings us nearer to the family and community by breaking the fast together and offering Taraweeh respectively. When so much effort gets to achieving the blessings of Allah and gaining his forgiveness, then a celebration becomes a necessity thing.  

Eid-al-Fitr comes as a commemoration by the end of the period to share happiness and rejoice with the community. It is just a merriment of three days for the newly built spiritual connection and cleansing.

How exactly to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr?

Eid-al-Fitr celebrations begin from the sight of the new moon of Shawaal. The evening (Chaand Raat) symbolizes the start of the Eid. Women buy items of jewelry and bangles on this eve. They adorn their hands with distinct patterns of Henna. From the evening, food preparations for the Eid day begin. eid al fitr 2017  

Various sweets and dishes jazz up the Eid day. Eid is just a congregation of the whole friends and family. People employed in different stations reach their house on this joyous occasion to share the moments of happiness. On the afternoon of Eid, first, Muslims awaken and provide pre-dawn prayer Fajr.

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